No Excuses: 50 Self Care Ideas!


50 self care ideas (1)

Let’s be honest. The list of reasons as to why we don’t take care of ourselves is longer

than we’d like to admit. We’re all guilty of putting someone (everyone) or something (everything) above our ourselves.

Ever have a day where you want to wave the white flag and just retreat?

Me too.

But as our flight attendant friends remind us: you must put on your own oxygen mask before helping the person next to you. The same principle applies for everyday life.

“But, Emily! I don’t have time for self care!”

Uh….stop it. You can make the time to focus on yourself, your mind, body, and soul. It doesn’t take a full day, shoot, it doesn’t take a full hour. Start small: dedicate 10 minutes of each day to do something that is specifically for you. I promise, it will get easier.

“But, Emily! I have no idea how to start taking care of myself!”

You’re in luck! We’ve put together 50 (simple) ideas on how you can start incorporating self care into your daily life. Put that list of reasons why DOWN. Go, right now and take 10 minutes for yourself.

Right now!


Written by_ Emily

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