Not Your Average Mom

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Life is complicated. MY life is complicated. Explaining my life would be more like a long twisted fairy tale mixed with a little horror every chapter, or two. Maybe even a little science fiction at times.

I grew up in a small, yet growing, Indiana town. (I swear that’s a beginning of a country song or something) A rural town where corn fields surrounded the schools — but just down the road were bad ass malls and a city ready to boom with businesses. Fast forward a few decades and I’m now living in a state where it snows like 75% of the year…okay maybe more like 50% but you get what I mean, and instead of corn fields surrounding schools, there are houses and neighborhoods.

I have been a Mom for almost a decade now. Jesus that’s crazy to type out. I’m not your average Mom though — I didn’t birth these two munchkins you are going to hear a lot about. I didn’t stay up hours with them throughout the night as newborns, but I was there when they were both still in diapers. Before they could talk and even before the youngest could walk. I became a Mom, quite literally, over night. At twenty-two I said, bring it on world, I’m ready for this.

Was it easy? Hell no. Was it worth it? Abso-fucking-lutely. Every hurdle. Every dirty diaper. Every sleepless night. Every melt down. It IS worth it. You know, (step) parents don’t have to love their (step) child. They just don’t. *gasp* Yes, I said it. We CHOOSE to love them. We CHOOSE to do the things we do for them, because legally, we don’t have an ant hill to stand on. When I first met my two littles I was just “Ja” — they couldn’t even say my name, but boy did they love me hard from the beginning. I was Ja…then Jess…then slowly over time, I became Mom.


My life was a whirlwind for years, finding my place, understanding how to live a life where what I did not only effected me, but these two kids and my husband too. I had lots of nights where I cried myself to sleep because I didn’t feel like I was good enough for them or I wasn’t doing the right things. I didn’t know where to begin on parenting and I for SURE didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. All of this brought on a lot of anxiety because all I wanted was to be the best Mama figure I could be.

Enter, Young Living Essential oils. I needed support emotionally and I kept hearing about how essential oils changed my friend’s life. She talked about how her sons lives, who are both on the autism spectrum, have changed for the better since using essential oils. The emotional support they offered, I just couldn’t stop talking about how much I wanted them to my husband. Then one Mother’s Day, I was given one of the greatest gifts, a Premium Starter Kit. I don’t know if I was more shocked I got the entire kit I wanted, or that my husband really HAS been listening to me for months!

Opening that kit changed my life. Emotionally, spiritually, AND financially. It opened up a window of opportunity that I was longing for since stepping into this parenting role. I wanted MORE, I needed MORE. I started to talk about the oils with my family, my friends, my co workers, pretty much anyone that would listen to me because these OILS had changed my LIFE. It’s like finding the fountain of youth and wanting to scream it from the roof tops. I was becoming that crazy oil lady you read about…and I’m not ashamed of it ONE bit. Because this crazy oil lady right here, has built a business from the ground up and I’m running along side some of my favorite people.

When you find a tribe that says, come on in, take a seat at the table with us, there’s always room for one more, we want the abundance for you too — you know you’ve found your home away from home. So welcome new friends! Be ready to explore and learn about all the crazy things I’ve experienced and the knowledge I’ve come across along the way of my crazy twisted fairy tale of a life. It’s complicated, but isn’t all of our lives a little complicated?

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