The Best & The Worst

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I was once told that the best (and in my opinion, the worst) thing about me is that I care too hard. My best friend told me this years ago while our group of friends went on a floating trip down the river. She may not remember this, I’m not sure if anyone does, but we went around the group and said something nice about each person. As young adults on a floating trip enjoying adult beverages, this was a strange thing to do. But, that statement my friend said to me has stuck with me ever since. And she was completely correct in what she said. When I believe in something, am passionate about a cause, love someone, and care about anything in general, I do such in a manner that could probably be labeled as “too much.”  The good, and the bad, thing about this is that I throw my whole self into a cause, a belief, a relationship, a lifestyle, hard and fast.

Over the years, this way of life has been the way I have found my true self. That and the help of those that I hold nearest and dearest to me (y’all know who you are). I have a partner, Scott, whom I love wholeheartedly and have, thus far, spent a wonderful six years with. We adopted a puppy three years ago, Charger Lee. Adopting Charger threw my life into a crazed animal advocacy rage, and I love it. I became a vegetarian over six years ago, and have been a proud vegan for the last two, pushing my animal advocacy and lighting a fire for health and wellness in me. That health and wellness led me to a holistic lifestyle, insert Young Living Essential Oils and my Rooted Wellness Community. I jumped in head first to this community and haven’t looked back since.

I have met two ladies, you may know them as two-thirds of this sassy trio we have here, and helped spark a confidence in me to follow my passions even more than before.

For me, Three Wise Gals will be my creative outlet where I can share my passions, without pushing them down innocent bystander’s throats.

I am a coffee in the morning, wine in the evening, aspiring yogi, lover of oils, hater of toxins, animal advocate, vegan, dog mom, and I can’t wait to share all that I am passionate about with you.

Stay along with us for this journey, it’s going to get real.


1 comments on “The Best & The Worst”

  1. I completely love this blog! Nice to meet you Taylor, Emily, and Jess. 🙂 My name is Debbie Roth, and I’m so glad you followed Forgiving Connects. My apologies for not responding sooner — I was on a blogging break. Back now and will be blogging soon. I’m going to follow your blog. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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