Hormones Are Stupid.


Being the primary caregiver for another human has taught me a lot of things. I’ve been responsible for administering/managing medications, cleaning and changing PICC lines, administering IV medications, and a slew of other things. The absolute worst thing that it has taught me is that ignoring my own physical (and mental) health is easier than addressing it.

After spending countless hours in doctor offices, hospital rooms, clinics, and waiting rooms, the last damn thing I want to do is to make another appointment for any of the above. Here’s the catch though: none of those hours were spent talking about my body. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

I had spent the time on my mental health, but it just seemed so…annoying to think of spending more time in a doctor’s office. I put it off. For a long time. Until…I had my first anxiety attack. I decided it was time to make my health a priority, which my friends and family had been nagging me about for months. But, Wonder Woman doesn’t need anti-depressants or regular blood work, right!?!

Wrong. On so many levels.

Even a year later I find myself not wanting to keep up with my regular doctor appointments. I’m six months behind on my annual exam with my gynecologist, mainly because last time I was there she told me I probably had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and in the following months I had convinced myself that I didn’t. Because, you know, I have a medical degree.

::Insert eye roll here::

For the second time in a month I’m suffering from some terrible (horrible, no good, very bad) cystic acne on my chin. Painful, ugly, inflamed, constantly growing cystic acne. And what does one do when they are suffering from an insane amount of acne? Send an unflattering Snapchat to their friend with 5 arrows pointing toward the problem areas. Her text response wasn’t really what I had expected, but you know it’s bad when your Snapchat is responded to with a text message.

“You should really talk to your gyno about your acne.”


Here I am again, wondering what is wrong with my hormones and feeling completelyc045c5245e0bc3b12ed283ddda511fb9 lost with what to do. I’ve spent the last year convincing myself I don’t have PCOS, but I know something is (WAY) off with my hormone levels. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt dumber in my life. I’m becoming that person who googles things and relays what they “read on the internet” to their doctor. But, against my natural instinct to just ignore it and apply more moisturizer and essential oils, I made an appointment with my gynecologists. I gave myself 2.5 weeks before my appointment so I can spend the next few weeks tracking my symptoms and emotions.

It’s time to pull up the big girl pants and take control of what is going on with my body. The first step is to taking stock of what we’re working with. To help with this I downloaded an app (MyFlo Tracker) to track my cycle, symptoms, and emotions, I’ll be sure to let you know how it works for me.

I would love any insight, information, or resources that you have about the endocrine system for women. Send ‘em my way by commenting on this post!

I’m also going to challenge you to do the same. Take some control and monitor what is going on with your body. I’ll do it with you and I’ll share all the gory details of my journey here. We got this, girl!

First lesson: hormones are stupid.

Written by_ Emily

3 comments on “Hormones Are Stupid.”

  1. Last week I began a 6 week program with an OB/GYN out of California-Anna Cabeca. Check her out on FB, she helps women deal with this exact thing. In this program were are following a keto-alkaline diet. Most of us are pretty acidic and that messes bad with the endocrine system. I now measure my ph levels a few times a day and am eating tons more green veggies. Em, you would love her, trust me…she also focuses on gratitude, the importance of raising your oxytocin, having a cheer word….anyway check her out. p.s.-i’m perimenopausal so I understand the insane stupidity of hormones. 😉

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