The Power of Naps

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The Power of Naps

I come from a long line of serial nappers. It’s somewhere in our genes.

I love a good nap, if it’s done right.

So, in preparation for your weekend, here’s my tried and true list of nap rules.

  1. Comfort is key. Find a comfy spot, it doesn’t have to be a bed, really, it shouldn’t be a bed. It’s the afternoon, you have to get up at some point, crazypants. A good chair, couch, dog bed, a counter to lean on – whatever you have.
  2. Fresh Air.If the weather allows, open a window, allow the fresh air to come into the room. The ambient noise of the rest of the world going about their day is an added bonus to the open window.
  3. Set the Mood. Diffuse some essential oils, or apply to your neck and behind the ears. Young Living’s Thieves, Stress Away, or Peace & Calming are my favorites. Turn your phone on silent (set an alarm for yourself!), find something to snuggle.
  4. Let Go. No, don’t sing the song. For the love of God, don’t sing the song. Turn off your brain, let go of whatever your day holds and just RELAX. Physically and intentionally release the tension from your jaw, back, neck, and shoulders. Feel your body begin to soften.
  5. Give Yourself a Couple of Snoozes. If you’re an amateur napper, it might be hard to get up once that alarm goes off. Be sure to give yourself enough time to ease out of your nap cocoon.
  6. Rejoin the Land of the Living. Don’t sit around. Get up, go do what you’ve gotta do. Use the extra rest to get you through whatever is left of your day. (This is assuming you didn’t wake up at 11PM.)

Not all naps are created equal (unfortunately). Science tells us that napping for too long or not long enough can actually have the opposite effect of what you’re looking for. There’s even a whole book dedicated to the science behind napping. I’ve never read it, so reader beware.

So, as your weekend approaches I have a challenge for ya! Take a freaking nap. Do it! You’ll thank me later.

Written by_ Emily

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