A Temporary Home

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Have y’all heard the Carrie Underwood song, “Temporary Home” If not, I encourage you to take a listen below.

Sometimes, life takes us down roads we may not always expect. My partner Scott, and I moved into a house back in 2013, a cute little ranch that was perfect for just the two of us. Back then, we were still in our early 20’s, this was the first home that Scott was buying, and we really just wanted to get moved into a house fast. We said from the beginning, this will be our house for 3-5 years, we had a goal in mind.

This little ranch has been there for us through it all: new jobs, grief, loss, a new puppy, love, struggles, growth, the list goes on. I’m sure you may have been there too, the “starter home.” The home that teaches you so much, and half of the time, you didn’t even know you were getting a lesson.

Over the years, Scott and I talked about what we wanted, and mainly that was SPACE. We live on a busy main road, in the city, in an area that isn’t exactly where we’d like to raise a family. As time goes on and you figure out what you want in a new home, you get antsy. And boy, did I get antsy. But we (he) were patient and we waited until we felt was the perfect time to start looking. We put our little house up for sale, and it sold in two days! We couldn’t believe it, people wanted to buy our house? It was a very weird and beautiful feeling to know our house will become another couple’s home.

Then, we really started looking hard for a new house. Once we did, it became very disheartening. House after house, we were wondering how long we would find “it” our new home. At one point, Scott looked at me and said “I think we may have to give up our pipe dream.”

My Mom loved to look online and help us search, and she came across a house that she knew would be absolutely perfect, but it was over our budget. She sent it anyway! It was dismissed after I looked and it of course. Then, the price did lower, by enough to make us go look. And fall in love. And put in an offer. And get that offer accepted. And have us close on that house, which will now become our home.

I tell this story in hopes that someone else reading it may have their light bulb moment. Our little ranch was a temporary home for us, and we knew that. The house never felt like home, yes we lived there and made so many amazing memories in it, but it just never resonated with our lives. We have prepped for this new home in ways that many people may not understand. We didn’t take vacations, there were times we had to say “no” to our dear friends, less Target trips, adding side hustles (some that failed, one that is growing) putting in long, long hours at work, and more. Those small sacrifices will be worth it, I know that for a fact. Those struggles, trials, and straight-up falling on our faces at times, are making this move worth it.

This will become our Home. I say that confidently because we worked so hard to our pipe dreams come true.

You are not stuck where you are. Good things come to those that work…hard. I am not someone who believes good things will just fall into your lap, you have to earn what you want. And we really did. us

Our temporary home, it was a beautiful journey and stepping stone in our life, and it is now time to grow and plant our roots. I hope you all know that your situation is not permanent, if you don’t want it to be.










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