Overpacker’s Anonymous

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Lately, it seems as though I’ve been traveling a lot, which is very out of the ordinary for this small town girl. And by small town, I mean, a girl that lives in the suburbs of Metro-Detroit where there’s a Tim Horton’s about every mile and a half. So, make whatever you will with that.

Each time I pack up to leave the house, I get a little more efficient and realize the things that can be left behind. I’m a serial overpacker so being prepared while not bringing all of my belongings with me is a challenge. As we speak (or type and read) I am finishing up my weekend in downtown Chicago with my mom and sister. The first time this year that I’ve traveled for pleasure, not work, which, less face it, is way more fun!

There are a few things I am so happy that I threw in my suitcase and couldn’t travel without. For this trip to Chicago, I knew walking was going to be on the agenda so my AppleWatch was perfect to track steps, weather, and allow me to keep my phone in my purse. I brought two pairs of comfy shoes to give my feet different kinds of support. My day to day flats held up well on day one, but my Sketcher Go Walks saved me on day two!

Walking all over the city meant we were coming into contact with all kinds of surfaces. My Thieves Hand Purifier was a lifesaver! Keeping us germ free on the go! And let’s be honest, it smells pretty fantastic too!

When our days in the city came to an end, nothing else came to mind other than cleaning up and laying down. My Seedling Wipes were great to take the day off my face (or freshen up in between showers), and a little container of my Sandalwood Moisturizer Cream kept my face from going all kinds of crazy after traveling, rain, wind, eating, makeup, and sun. A little brush of the teeth with Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste, never hurt anyone either after a day in the city! Once I’m ready for bed is when that magical Tranquil Roller comes to save the day. I struggle to sleep anywhere that isn’t home, but with my Relax Melodies app and my Tranquil Roller, I can get a full night’s rest.

While I managed to pack these few, imperative, things, I also packed several useless things that never made it out of my suitcase, but, who knows, I may have needed those six tops for my 48 hours in Chicago!

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