Itty Bitty Pitty Committee-Part 1

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Let’s have a chat about dogs, pit bulls in-particular, shall we?

I am making this a series on this topic because it is something that I am incredibly passionate about. Throughout this series, you will be the end of my many rants, hard facts, harder opinions, and most importantly, love.

Let’s do a little back story; when we adopted our dog, Charger, he was listed as a Hound-Shepherd mix. This is the photo on Petfinder…love at first sight!

IMG_4276 As most rescues require (and as they absolutely should) we had to be sure Charger was neutered. When we picked him up that day, his paperwork stated “pit mix” OK, cool, whatever. It didn’t really bother us one way or another. Since then, we have not had Charger’s DNA tested, but we might one day! We really didn’t care to be honest, after two years of begging Scott if we could get a dog, I didn’t care what kind we adopted! All we knew is that:

a.) We were 100% adopting

b.) Scott wanted a “big, ugly, mutt”

Insert Charger. 

All of that being said, Charger has definite characteristics of the breed we call the pit bull. He is loving, loyal, loves to give kisses, a gentle giant, sweet, possesses a big goofy grin, and most importantly, he is our greatest adventure and best friend.

SO there’s our background with Charger, the probable pittie mix. Now, here are some facts about these inherently good and beautiful souls from the Canine Journal:


I’m curious, after reading some of these facts & stats, how do you feel now about this “breed?” What misconceptions may have you had that are now changed? I am truly curious. I advocate for all dogs as much as possible, but especially the pit bulls and bully breeds. Ignorance, biased views, hatred, media, and so many other factors are hurting these dogs. By educating yourselves, you can help change the fate of so many innocent lives!

This was just Part 1, what do you hope to learn in Part 2? 


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