Our Mini Brewery Tour

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If you’re a craft beer snob, then you know Michigan is pretty much the craft beer capital in the Midwest. Maybe I’m bias a little but who wouldn’t be if you lived in the Mitten state!

The next couple of days the hubby and I are going to hit up some Grand Rapids breweries and FINALLY cashing in my Christmas gift — wait for it…

FLOOR seats to Tim McGraw + Faith Hill’s Soul 2 Soul Tour *swoon-gasp* I know…I can barely contain my excitement either! Craft breweries AND country music — can’t go wrong there! Cowboy boots are packed and ready to hit the floor y’all!

Next week is our five year wedding anniversary. I make jokes all the time to Matt that I can’t believe we aren’t bored of each other yet! We high fived for being each other’s longest relationship the other day. Well done babe, I haven’t wanted to kill you yet, and that within itself is a victory in my book. I mean, I might have thought about it for a brief moment, but haven’t drawn up the blueprints yet.

The key stops the next few days are going to be the following:

+ Mitten Brewing Company : Sounds like a pretty interesting brewery right by our hotel in downtown Grand Rapids!

+ Founder’s Brewing : We went to the taproom in downtown Detroit this past winter and LOVED the atmosphere! Pretty stoked to check out what they have at their actual brewery! I’m a huge Breakfast Stout fan. *drool*

+ Grand Rapids Brewing Company : I saw sweet potato tacos on the menu and that looked like an amazing summer treat! Their beer list looks super eclectic too! Holly’s Honey Wheat is totally calling my name!

I’ll for sure come back with reviews because who doesn’t like reviewing unique food and craft breweries!?

Any craft beer fans in the house!?

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