Mini Brew Tour + Country Music

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Last Wednesday I jumped on the blog to talk about how the hubby and I were headed to Grand Rapids to check out a few breweries and rock out at the Tim McGraw + Faith Hill concert.

Ya’ll if you haven’t seen them in concert yet, they are amazing performers. You can just feel the love between them during the show. #relationshipgoals

Jess and her husband Matt before the Tim McGraw + Faith Hill Concert

Matt and I had a chance to check out a few different breweries while we were in Grand Rapids! Here are my thoughts on three of them!

Founder’s Brewing Co. is where we started off at and literally sat and sipped on beers for HOURS. (Thank you, Uber!) The atmosphere outside was pretty magical looking. There were draping lights throughout the beer garden, along with fire pits and heat lamps for those Michigan summer nights. I was shocked they had KBS (Kentucky Bourbon Stout) on draft, so that was a treat within itself! I suppose those are the perks for going to the actual brewery! They had this Orange Cream Dream which was a Cream Wheat…ya’ll it tasted just like the ice cream! They have a food menu as well, which was another perk at the Tap Room location downtown Detroit. We should have split a sandwich because they were HUGE, but boy were they delicious! Go check out Founder’s Brewing! You will NOT be disappointed.

Cute little garden area we found while perusing through the local shops. It’s puppy friendly too! 

Next day was a bum-around-the-local-shops kind of day, along with a couple of brewery stops. First stop was Grand Rapids Brewing Co. which had a very old world vibe inside. I loved the way they kept track of their Member Mugs! I totally got the Holly’s Honey Wheat and it was subtle but then I tried their fruit beer mixed with the honey wheat! It was the perfect summer beer to sip on!

After finishing up our beers at Grand Rapids Brewing Co. we headed over to Mitten Brewing Co. for an early dinner! Now, I wish I would have taken a picture of this because it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen — they had a Pizza Flight! We could mix and match pizza’s to make a whole pizza! Ya’ll my mind was blown! They had a coney dog pizza! I’m literally drooling as I’m typing this. Moral of the story, if you’re in Grand Rapids and want pizza, go to the Mitten Brewing Co.!

Best Pizza in Grand Rapids!

After stuffing our faces with pizza and putting the rest in a box for later — we headed out to the Tim McGraw + Faith Hill show! It truly was an amazing trip and I’m beyond thankful I have a partner in crime who wants to do all of these fun things with me! I know I’m not a professional beer or food critic but coming from someone who has worked in the restaurant industry for over a decade — I’d like I kinda know what I’m talking about! Kinda smart, kinda sassy…kinda a beer connoisseur — I’d like to call that a well rounded individual.



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