High-Five for Friday

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It’s Friday. I freaking love Fridays. The world just seems to be in the best mood knowing they don’t have to get up or participate in the normal routine the next morning. Fridays are like the week’s little high-five to you. In the spirit of Friday, I’m going to share my top five things from this week with you.

This week was a real ass-kicker. My world, and all the lovely people in it, seem to be stuck in boxing match with the universe. By the time Thursday came around we were all screaming out for booze, a nap, and food! But, we’ve made it, the weekend is almost here! Through the cloud of bullshit, there were some rays of sunshine – here they are!


[ONE] It’s Young Living Convention week so I’ve been stalking all of my oily peeps that spent the week in Utah, feeling some serious FOMO. But it’s been super amazing (and inspiring) to see all the people who love these products, support each other, and just want to share wellness with their world. My favorite part: I am a member of a group that was able to donate $25,000 to the D. Gary Young Foundation! Oh, and the new products!

[TWO] My text game was strong this week, friends. Our Three Wise Gals Group Message was popping and I managed to have a whole conversation with a friend where we just listed characteristics of “if a hippy and a basic white chick had a baby” – it was entertaining to say the least. I love my friends!

[THREE] After, what felt like forever, I was able to start the interview process for an open position on my team at my 9-5. The candidates that I’ve already been able speak with are incredibly impressive and I’m excited to see the new perspective that they could bring to the table.

[FOUR] So, Jess and I live approximately 4 minutes from each other, which makes dropping off presents super easy, so this week when she delivered some happy mail, I was home and had some of my own stuff to give her so I quickly jumped in my car and headed the 1.5 miles to her house. While there I got to meet her charming, warm, and hilarious father, who instead of shaking my hand, wrapped me in a bear hug. Such a sweet man!

[FIVE] I’ve officially made it through week one of back in the low-carb space. It hasn’t been as hard as I had anticipated, but the headaches and nausea can disappear any time now! They’re decreasing in intensity and frequency, which I am excited about. My body is getting used to using food as fuel, it will just take some time for my MIND to think of food as fuel and not a coping mechanism. Here’s to a week without bread! Haha!


So there’s a little high five for ya! Tell us – what were the five high points of your week!?

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