More Than Oily Goodness

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Here’s the deal, y’all know by now how much we looooove our Young Living Essential Oils, like really love them, but did you know that Young Living is more than just oils? Yes, you read that correctly…we are a Wellness Commuity! It is so much more than ordering a beautiful kit and being done with it, it’s truly a community centered around your well-being, health, and happiness!

I want to chat about some of my favorite products that are outside of the oils.

First up, the Thieves Toothpaste! This stuff is SO good. Not only does it have a wonderful sweet minty taste, but it also is free of synthetic dyes, sulfates, artificial flavors, and preservatives! I mean, win-win. And to continue my natural oral routine, I use the Thieves Dental Floss! Smells great and works like a charm!

Next on my list, the Thieves Laundry Soap!IMG_9480 YES. This is a super concentrated, plant-based formula that won’t leave that chemical residue on your clothing! Y’all, download the Think Dirty App and check out the chemicals that are in your current laundry detergent, and then get a hold of us. All of those chemicals are in your clothes and then getting placed directly on your skin…the largest organ on your body! YUCK. Oh, and since it’s so concentrated, I only use about 1/4 of a cap in my high-efficiency washer!

Thieves Hand Soap! This amazing foaming hand soap smells like a dream and works even better! Whenever I have guests over, after they wash their hands, they come up to me, hands right up to their noses saying how great my soap smells! But what is it!? Well, it’s the Thieves blend, Orange, and Lemon essential oils combined with plant-based formula for a chemical-free hand soap. Yes please.

Thieves Household Cleaner! YOUR HOMES NEED THIS! I use this on everything and a little goes a long way! You only need ONE CAP FOR A WHOLE BOTTLE! Can you tell how excited am I about this!? Plant-based and vegan friendly. I love knowing that it’s also safe for Charger! I am not putting harsh chemicals all over the house for him to sniff and lick up, and that’s a good feeling. FD0CF470-B733-46AE-8446-C69FDE82BB1D

Are you seeing a pattern…THIEVES. The power of Thieves is real my friends, and you need it in your lives.

I really could add more such as the Thieves Hand Purifier, Spray, Dish Soap, and more…but I have a few more favorites to share with you!

IMG_1489Mineral Sunscreen Lotion. It’s finally summertime! Don’t put sunscreen that is FULL of chemicals on yours, or your loved ones, skin! Young Living’s mineral based sunscreen is really wonderful WITHOUT the UV chemical absorbers, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic dyes…yeah all that.

Shutran™ 3-in-1 Men’s Wash!  I love this because my man loves it! Scott plays beer league hockey, he loves to take this with him after because he only needs one bottle with him! It smells incredible and Shutran has some great benefits to it as well for men!

Remember me telling you how our skin is our body’s largest organ? That includes your face, making your toxic makeup a no-no. I love YL’s Savvy Minerals line!! I talked all about my acne journey in my last blog here, I use the Savvy Foundation on my face because I know it is free from nasty chemicals and it is great at light coverage! Seeing as it’s a mineral-based powder, I add a little of the Savvy Misting Spray to the cap, tap the foundation in it, and then it becomes a liquid. OH YES. IMG_0323

One last fave of mine…Lip Balm!! I’m obsessed with our lip balm! There’s a handy trio you can get that includes, Cinnamint, Lavender, and Grapefruit. They’re filled with yummy essential oils that will keep your lips hydrated and super soft! Get yourself some.

Now, we also have a wonderful option called Essential Rewards, this is something that we use as our Monthly Wellness Boxes! I usually fill mine with all of the above when needed, and maybe an oil or two, oh and some freebies! Want to learn more about Essential Rewards? Get a hold of us today! 



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