Vision Boards: Everyday I’m Hustlin’


EveryDay I'm Hustlin'

Typically, I’m not a goal oriented person. I set them, sure, but the excitement wanes as the work starts to set it. I don’t thrive well in the middle, I like the hustle. The initial adrenaline of a new goal is addicting, and as a (self-proclaimed) nerd, the planning and strategizing is half (most) of the fun! When I started my side hustle it was exciting, and profitable, but it took A LOT of work once the excitement stopped driving my every move.

Damn, this isn’t easy.

Time and time again I had been told to make a vision board to help drive my mission when I want to throw my hands in the air, drop the mic, and throw in the towel. Nah, no thanks. Vision boards aren’t my thing, that’s just a time sucker, and will have little to no impact on my hustle.

Enter the summer slow down.

Unless you’re a Park Ranger or Lifeguard, most businesses see a dip in momentum and sales during the summer months. Summer vibes are for spending time outdoors, campfires, nights with family and friends, and vacations. I felt stuck, what the hell was I going to do to push through the slow down of the summer? Winter had been AMAZING for my team, like “how the fuck did this happen?” amazing. For, what seemed like, the 900th time, it was suggested that I make a vision board of what my dreams are. If this business continues to grow, if I put my heart and soul into it, and stop questioning myself – what could I do with my new found freedom? Alright, fine. I’ll make a vision board.

I spent a few hours in my home office, printing pictures off the internet, stretching my logistical personality beyond it’s default to think of what COULD be possible.

I will do X, so I can…

  • Empower women to share their stories and live their best life, on their terms.
  • Open a summer camp in Northern Michigan for kids – my college dream!
  • Follow Andrew McMahon around the country on tour.
  • Buy a home on Mullett Lake, in Indian River, Michigan.
  • Host my family’s Girl’s Weekend at said home.
  • Help my husband and sister open an animal sanctuary on a big pieces of land – support his dream of fostering, adopting, and training ALL THE DOGS.
  • Be a Red Wings season ticket holder.
  • Go on a Michigan Brewery Tour/Road Trip
  • Work from home or…. anywhere.
  • Give to Mott’s Children’s Hospital, Adult Bone Marrow Transplant Patients, and their caregivers.
  • Create a brand that represents self-love and wellness.
  • Share my story.


I’ll tell you what, at first it felt silly, but in the end, I have this giant representation on my wall of my dreams, and if I am willing to put in the work, they’re within reach. It helped that Justin loved my vision too, his support makes it seem so much more tangible.

Who doesn’t want tangible dreams that are within reach?!

Tell us – what’s on your vision board?

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