STOP! Yoga Time!

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Ahhhh the practice of Yoga! One of my favorite ways to work my mind, body, and spirit!

Now before we begin, let’s start with me saying that I am what I call, a “wannabe yogi” I have been practicing yoga for about 4 years now, all through my home practice. Truly, I couldn’t really afford to go to a studio, so I decided to just figure out how to practice at home!

And let me tell you, not easy! Especially after we got our puppy, Charger, that little booger would straight-up attack me when I was in down dog, or any pose for that matter. But once I got into the groove of practicing at home, it became something I looked forward to. whenever I could get on my mat!

I am not a Yoga Teacher Trainer (although, would totally love to get to that level one day) but I have completed a Trauma Informed Yoga Training, which I would totally recommend! But just because you are not a yoga teacher, you can’t get into an inversion or balance on your head, that’s OKAY! Because I can’t either. And I still absolutely love the practice of Yoga. I have found that it helps with my anxiety, calms my mind, helps to revive my body after sitting in my office all day; and for me, it connects my mind, body, and spiritual well-being.

SO, now where to start?! Starting your home practice can be REALLY hard! Here are some tips, some of my favorite yogis, and things I have learned along the way:

  1. You do not need $100 leggings to have a good yoga flow. Seriously. Wear something comfortable and just enjoy your practice. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a good pair of yoga pants that suck it all in and squeeze in the right places, but that doesn’t mean I’m dropping $$$$ on them. Just be sure you can move and be comfy!
  2. Get a Yoga Mat! Duh right?! Well, sometimes people can just practice on hardwood floors, the grass, sand, and wherever they can! But, it’s amazing to have a mat and it’s kind of comforting to know your mat is there when you need it. (too cheesy?)
  3. Don’t feel like you need to do it all! Like I mentioned above, I still cannot get into a handstand after years of practicing…so? I practice often and still love the little I can do! Because I’m still doing it. Start where you are comfortable, don’t overdo it, and listen to your body!! 
  4. Find a yogi! Are you looking for yogi inspiration–look no further! JUST KIDDING. Instagram is flooded with people sharing all the yoga, which is awesome, but can also be super overwhelming! When you are looking, just be sure you feel they are being genuine.
  5. Rachel Brathen. Love her. I have been following her journey for years and she is real, genuine, and kind of taking over the world.
  6. Adriene Mishler! Yoga with Adriene is a Three Wise Gals fave!! Her videos are free on YouTube, (thanks girl) they are fun, raw, and they vary in times, which I love!
  7. You can also check outoneoeight!Affordable and they have SOOOOO many amazing yogis and videos on there.
  8. Five minutes is better than nothing! You also don’t need to practice for 90 minutes each time you roll out your mat, you can do 5 minutes and that’s a great place to start! Start somewhere, find that video you like, and just go from there. I’ve done 10 minute videos I have loved and I have done a 2 hours flow in a packed studio-both are awesome.

Lately, you will find me in my backyard, essential oils on my necklace and rolled onto my wrists, mismatched clothing, and getting my yoga flow on.

Roll out your mat, my friends.





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