Motivation: Ground Zero.

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motivationI’m going out on a limb today. I’m speaking for all three of the wise gals that make up this blog. I haven’t spoken to either of them about said limb, so if tomorrow you stop by and it’s called Two Wise Gals, it didn’t go well.

I value honesty. I’ve struggled with identifying my values over the years, because how do you really know what is important to you until you’ve lived life a little bit? Short answer: you don’t. But, in my 33 years on this planet, one thing bothers me more than most other things: dishonesty. It comes in many different forms: lies, deceit, telling people what you think they want to hear, insincerity, and the fake layers of personality made for different audiences. So. I’m going to be honest with you.

All three of the wise gals are tired. We each have a lot going on, we are a little more stressed than usual, and we are finding it hard to maintain motivation for the fun things. Ever feel like that? Like you just don’t want to do anything? If not, teach me your ways!

I’d love to post some motivation for you today, it is Monday after all. But, I’ve got nothing. As you’re reading this, I am headed into work for the day, and let’s face it, I’m not super stoked about it. But, there’s always something. One, little, tiny, microscopic thing that you can hold up as your positivity for the day – so dude, go find your little thing and know that all three wise gals will be looking with you!

It’s okay to have periods of little, to no, motivation. In all honesty, it’s probably healthy to not feel that momentum all the time – homie has to REST! But, don’t dwell, and if you find yourself dwelling in the no motivation zone, find your little, tiny, microscopic thing of positivity. Even if it’s you got out of bed and put on matching shoes before leaving the house – GO YOU!

Share your motivation grabbing strategies with your gals today! We need a little push in the positivity direction, or I’ll just continue to try and convince Jess and Tay that daily naps are a must, which…they are.

Stay tuned on our Instagram account today as I try and search for my own little, tiny, microscopic thing of positivity! Happy Monday, friends!

Written by_ Emily

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