Our Story

wise def.

Here’s the story, of a lovely lady…

Just kidding! I mean, we are three lovely ladies though.

Welcome to Three Wise Gals. We’re not your typical gals. We like to say we’re Slightly Experts/Seriously Sassy.

We’re a passionate trio, we love to laugh, cheer on those we love, over use emojis and GIFs, we’re masters of sarcasm, and collectively we have won the Guinness Book of World Records award for using the word fuck in a sentence. Yep. I said it. Right here in the about section. Welcome to Three Wise Gals.

In addition to being the most charming ladies you’ll ever meet, we are a mindful group. We individually have a passion for living our best lives: mind, body, and soul. And we want to encourage women across the world to do the same. Not to compete with the Jones’ (whoever the hell they are), but to just be proud, confident, and empowered to be YOU.

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We’ll cover all kinds of topics here, but you can definitely expect to hear about holistic health (ahem, we’ve got a vegan!), family, self care, essential oils, four-legged (and two-legged) children, badassary, and life in general. We’re real, we’re not perfect, and we’re messy. We want to help encourage you to embrace your mess – messy is beautiful. Share your mess with us!