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Throwback Thursday: One Day at a Time

In a previous life I had a blog called The Corner Office. I wrote on it daily, then weekly, then…rarely. It was a chapter of my life that needed to be closed – shit, it was a BOOK that needed to be closed. But, in an effort to be honest with you about my story

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The Power of Naps

I come from a long line of serial nappers. It’s somewhere in our genes. I love a good nap, if it’s done right. So, in preparation for your weekend, here’s my tried and true list of nap rules. Comfort is key. Find a comfy spot, it doesn’t have to be a bed, really, it shouldn’t be

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One Word Per Post-It

Imagine a young woman, around the age of 22, sitting in a college classroom waiting for her African American studies class to start. As a relatively naïve, white, young adult that had little experience talking about race, culture, or diversity in any shape or form – her nerves, and her interest, were peaked. Class began

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