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Vlog: Sharing My Story

I’ve been dying to share a video on Three Wise Gals lately, so instead of writing out a post like I normally would, I woke up early and before I went to work I told my story into my iPhone camera. Here’s my story!

Throwback Thursday: One Day at a Time

In a previous life I had a blog called The Corner Office. I wrote on it daily, then weekly, then…rarely. It was a chapter of my life that needed to be closed – shit, it was a BOOK that needed to be closed. But, in an effort to be honest with you about my story

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Hormones Are Stupid.

Being the primary caregiver for another human has taught me a lot of things. I’ve been responsible for administering/managing medications, cleaning and changing PICC lines, administering IV medications, and a slew of other things. The absolute worst thing that it has taught me is that ignoring my own physical (and mental) health is easier than

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