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Vlog: Sharing My Story

I’ve been dying to share a video on Three Wise Gals lately, so instead of writing out a post like I normally would, I woke up early and before I went to work I told my story into my iPhone camera. Here’s my story!

Vision Boards: Everyday I’m Hustlin’

Typically, I’m not a goal oriented person. I set them, sure, but the excitement wanes as the work starts to set it. I don’t thrive well in the middle, I like the hustle. The initial adrenaline of a new goal is addicting, and as a (self-proclaimed) nerd, the planning and strategizing is half (most) of

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Real Talk: Being a (Step) Mama

Like I’m said before in my intro, I’m a (step) mama to two awesome kiddos. There is this huge taboo thing surrounded with step parenting and being a stepmom. No one wants to talk about it and everyone thinks that me and bio mom must hate each other’s guts. Well, ya’ll are all wrong there

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DIY Nail Polish Remover

If you are like me, I get so frustrated when I realize that a product I have been using for YEARS (like how long have I been painting my nails for!?) could potentially be causing so much harm to my body! It’s just another reason to be thankful for our oils! We can take care

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Ditch and Switch

From washing my hair to putting on my make up, I use non-toxic products. It wasn’t a quick switch, but it was definitely a researched one! Because if you’re anything like me, you aren’t ditching your salon brand shampoo unless you have a good reason to! If you are also someone who needs to know

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Overpacker’s Anonymous

Lately, it seems as though I’ve been traveling a lot, which is very out of the ordinary for this small town girl. And by small town, I mean, a girl that lives in the suburbs of Metro-Detroit where there’s a Tim Horton’s about every mile and a half. So, make whatever you will with that.

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Dividing Attention :: Not Time

I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine the other day about seeing other Mom’s doing “all the things” — like literally they seem to have their hand in just about everything. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I told her, “I just don’t get it. HOW do they do it?

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Kids + Family Traditions

  Every year around Easter, we pile the family into our Ford Escape and travel south to visit family. I know what you’re thinking. You must think we are completely insane for driving 20+ hours instead of flying — especially with two kids. At least, that’s what everyone tells us. “You’re nuts!” “How do you

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Bring it on Summer Break

How many mamas are super stoked about summer break being around the corner? Who is ALSO excited for the all day-every day bickering, whining, complaining there is nothing to do, and the sudden need to eat every 3.5 seconds?! Yeah, me neither. BUT what I’m really excited for is to cross things off of our

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Not Your Average Mom

Life is complicated. MY life is complicated. Explaining my life would be more like a long twisted fairy tale mixed with a little horror every chapter, or two. Maybe even a little science fiction at times. I grew up in a small, yet growing, Indiana town. (I swear that’s a beginning of a country song

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